Friday, 27 September 2013

London (double) exposed.

A few weeks ago I visited London, and I couldn't miss this opportunity to take pictures of it! I took my Smena with me because it is very light, and as you might know, weight is an issue when you fly with Ryanair.

I bought two rolls of film, the cheapest colour and a true black and white (the B&W caused me hassle later on). I was surprised with the colours that the colour film produced, they were vivid and saturated, but they turned weird in the dark, and the photo was fairly grainy. The real black and white was such an annoyance. I had to get it developed back in Cork, but it turns out that they have to send it off to some lady in another city, and that raises the costs. In the end I finally got it for free because of a minuscule mishap on the shops side.

Anyway, I fell in love with London, its diverse culture and size, transport system and numerous shops and shopping centres made me dizzy with excitement! Even though hay fever caused me to have a headache for most of the time, I tried my best to enjoy every little bit of it while I could. I must return.

Enjoy my photos.