Saturday, 11 January 2014


A few more composite photos that I took recently.

This is the third composite photo I tried taking. I'm just learning how to use Photoshop but I think it's coming along very nicely. Really happy with how this photo turned out. The only thing that annoyed me was the background. I only have a white background so I had to draw or create a brand new background that would suit the photo. I'm not very good at that yet, so I played around with everything, eventually created this. It's a bit random but I think it works. Exported to Lightroom and adjusted the colours. Turned out just as I wanted it to. See it on Flickr.

For my fourth composite photo I tried something more ambitious and I didn't realise how difficult it would be to create. After creating the composite of myself styling my hair (See it here), I wanted to do a bigger one with a girl. So I planned it out, the props we would use and the positions of hands. Done that. When it came to taking photos, getting the hair and the hands perfect in each picture was difficult. Another painful thing was getting the blow drier shot. We couldn't get the hair to actually blow nicely, so I decided to flick the hair with my hands, and take a picture of the blow drier separately. I think it looks pretty good!

Then it came to the difficult part, trying to put all the pictures together. The hair was difficult to select in photoshop, it was everywhere, so that was an annoyance. I couldn't come up with a nice background either, so I left it beige. (See it on Flickr.)

Thank you very much to my beautiful models, you did great!

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